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Competence in clinical studies.

Newpaths. Trendsetting success.

The path from the development of a new medication to the shelves of the pharmacies goes through clinical studies in which the therapeutic agent must prove its efficacy for the patient. Under the supervision of the German Medical Products Act (MPA), the clinical study is avery controlled situation of patient treatment and closely watched over by government authorities, ethics commissions and the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2002, the Clinic for Urology setup its own study outpatient department with the main emphasis in oncology studies. Its specialised team of physicians and study nurses looks after the tumour patients and the implementation of the clinical studies in keeping with the regulations. In some of these studies, the Tübingen Urology has played a leading role in their administration and/or patient recruiting. Many new medications have shown a remarkable response in our patients, who we provide care for and accompany in every trusting relationship through study and standard therapies.

The most recent study successes include the approval of tumour medications with new types of modes of action that considerably prolong and improve life in cases of metastasised renal cellcarcinoma, metastasised prostate carcinoma and metastasised bladder cancer. We are proud that Tübingen patients have participated in almost all approvals in oncology during recent years.

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