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Donation for research and teaching

What we develop in our research laboratories today could save the lives of our patients tomorrow. However, research has become more complex and more expensive. Success in the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions can only be achieved in interdisciplinary teams using state-of-the-art equipment. Public funding is becoming increasingly scarce, which makes your contribution all the more important.

Your help makes it possible to continue funding important research projects and promoting young scientists. The hopes of many patients depend on these research findings.

With your donation, you can contribute to making these hopes come true.

From research into daily practice

Besides patient care, a university hospital’s key responsibilities include research. The Department of Urology Tuebingen engages in improving the diagnosis of malignant tumors as well as the reconstruction of organs and organ functions (for example urinary incontinence).

Successes that have led to an improvement in patient care, such as earlier diagnosis of prostate cancer and urinary bladder cancer or muscle transplantation to restore the function of the urinary bladder, have found their way into patient care, earning Tuebingen a reputation far beyond the borders of Germany.

Despite the medical team’s high level of motivation, research funding is required. Public funding is limited and has been declining for years. On the other hand, new methods or technical systems require large amounts of money for acquisition, maintenance and the enormous development effort, for which only limited funding is available, if any, that does not cover all costs.

Another important aspect is the fact that research findings should find their way into patient care as soon as possible. In this respect, too, public funding is insufficient.

We have set ourselves the task of quickly implementing useful research findings into clinical practice, which again involves high costs.

The translation of new research findings into clinical practice at the University Department of Urology is free of charge for the patients.

Minimally invasive healing using autologous cells

The restoration of tissue which has been destroyed by a disease, injury or cancer, is another main focus of our efforts.

We employ autologous cells for tissue replacement to restore fundamental functions.

Alongside these “special disciplines”, we develop new, more effective treatment options for “everyday” urological conditions, such as the gentle removal of urinary stones, the improvement of sexual dysfunction or the improvement of urine flow in benign prostate enlargement.

People can make a difference!

Better diagnosis of malignant diseases or healing with new therapies often takes a long time. Contribute to accelerating this process or introducing already existing, promising methods to the department more rapidly.

Every donation is welcome because, regardless of its amount, it is an investment into the future of research and thus into that of advanced medical care of our society.

Foerderverein Urologie e. V. wants to help where the government and healthcare institutions are increasingly withdrawing.

Every donation helps!

Only with the help of private donations will we be able to continue doing valuable research for the medical care of the population.

Being a non-profit association, we can issue a donation receipt for the revenue office. We will also be happy to work out a sustainable option for the donor in the case of larger donations.

Types of donations

  • One-off donations
  • Regular donations (“donation subscription”)
  • Tax-deductible celebration donations
  • Tax-deductible in memoriam donations
  • Bequests

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