Outpatient Treatment.

In good hands. From prevention to follow-up visits.

On the one hand, the Urological Polyclinic in the CRONA Clinic of the University Hospital Tübingen is the contact point for urological emergency patients (i.e.renal colic, urinary tract infection,urinary retention, testicular pain, tumourrelated bleeding, etc.); on the other hand, it offers special consultation hours for neurourology, urothelial carcinoma, andrology, lithiasis, reconstructive urology, paediatric urology, renal cellcarcinoma, testicular tumour and other urological tumours under the direction of Professor Stenzl and the department heads (senior physicians), as well as a joint interdisciplinary consultation hour for prostate carcinoma (cooperation between urology and radiooncology).

Sterile preparation of a modern, flexible endoscope for bladder examination (cystoscopy).

In addition, we perform various fee-based preventive check-ups which may also be free of charge depending on the insurance status of the patients with the help of the latest diagnostic measures. Our responsibilities also include preparing outpatients for surgery by drawing blood and the presurgery discussion by the urologist and the anaesthetist,for example. Furthermore, outpatient surgical interventions without general anaesthetic such as urethrocystoscopy, removal of ureteral stents, prostate punch biopsy and cystofix placement are performed here.

The special diagnostic offer of the polyclinic includes:

  • Cryoconservation of sperm before surgeries, radiation or chemotherapy
  • Special serum and urine tests when there is suspicion of malignant tumours (i.e.circulating tumourcells in the blood, various enzymes and metabolic products in the tumour metabolism, immunestatus, PCA3,FISH, NMP22,UCyt or NTx in the urine, etc.)
  • Spermiogram (after a vasectomy)
  • NTx in the urine and blood (bonemarker for osseous metastasised tumours)
  • APO 10 and TKTL in the blood (prostate carcinoma)
    Fusion-supported tissue samples of the prostate
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