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Subproject 3

Comparative investigation of the regeneration capacity of damaged or degenerated sphincter mucles in animal models and human mesenchymal stem cells of the bone marrow, fat and placenta

Methods currently used to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) are based on symptomatic approaches rather than on functional therapy. This project is aimed at restoring sphincter muscle function through the application of bone marrow, fat and placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). The approach involves the application of in vitro expanded human MSCs, their integration into the urethral sphincter and the induced myogenic differentiation of the cells in a xenogenic large animal model (miniature pig).

The functional regeneration of the outer sphincter muscle of the urinary bladder will be assessed using histological methods as well as urodynamic measurements and radiological imaging methods (in close cooperation with subprojects TP1, TP5, TP6 and cross-sectional projects QP1 and QP2).

Once proof of the efficiency of the approach has been provided, the method will be adapted to GMP conditions with the objective of transferring the method as quickly as possible from the animal model into clinical development (this will be done in close cooperation with the service project).

Prof. Dr. med. Karl-Dietrich Sievert

Department of Urology, Tübingen University Hospital
Deputy Director

Prof. Dr. med. Arnulf Stenzl

Department of Urology, Tübingen University Hospital
Medical Director
Coordinator of the clinical research unit KFO 273

Project team members

Dr. med. Bastian Amend

Department of Urology
Holder of DFG - Gerok position



Konstantin Jehle, BS-candidate (2-14 - 8/14)
Kim Sarah Sczuka, BS-candidate (7/13 - 12/13)
Investigations on the regeneration capacity of human placenta-derived stem
cells in minipigs for therapeutic application for damaged sphincter muscle
of the bladder

Sophie Charlotte Maßmann, BS-candidate (6/13 - 11/13)
Investigation of the regeneration capacity of human adipose tissue-derived stromal cells for injured or degenerated sphincter muscle in minipigs

Silje Völkerath, BS-candidate (6/13 - 11/13)
Analysis of the regeneration capacity of human bone marrow-derived stem
cells in a minipig model for clinical application for sphincter muscle

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