Uro-Telegramm 02| 2013

After the first successful combined meeting of the ESFFU and ESGURS in 2011, we are proud to host the second joint meeting now including the ESOU in Tübingen.  
In this edition of the “Uro-Telegramm” you will find interesting high-light summaries of the meeting.

Further, you will find information on histoscanning, a new tool to visualize suspected malignant differentiated tissue, as well as the new BPH treatment option of Urolift®, which is a minimally invasive implant to treat LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms).


  • UroLift - Minimal invasive Therapie für subvesikale prostatabedingte Abflußstörung
  • HistoScanning - Verbesserte Prostatakarzinomerkennung
  • Harnröhrenrekonstruktion
  • Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell-based Therapies
  • Regenerative Sphincter Therapy
  • Influence of Hexaminolevulinate

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