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The examination of male infertility is very structured and should reveal all above-mentioned causes.
The diagnosis focuses on examining the ejaculate as regards sperm count, motility and appearance (semen analysis). The image below showing plenty of spermatozoa is to provide an impression of the examiner’s view.

Semen analysis under the microscope showing spermatozoa with transparent heads.

The optimum point in time for semen analysis is after 2-7 days of sexual abstinence to obtain comparable findings. In the event of unusual results, a second confirmatory examination should be performed.

The following examinations are performed:

  • Physical examination incl. the prostate
  • Ultrasound examination of the testicles and the prostate
  • Hormone assay in the blood (testosterone, hormones regulating sperm and hormone production)
  • Special semen analyses in the event of specific issues such as infections or suspected defensive reactions of the body against spermatozoa (autoimmune reaction)
  • Genetic examinations of the hereditary material by the colleagues at the Institute of Human Genetics
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