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Treatment of testicular tumours

If the tumour has not yet reached an advanced stage with metastatic spread, the first step of the treatment is always the dissection and subsequent histological examination of the tumour. According to specific criteria, a specimen from the healthy testicle on the opposite side may also be taken in order to detect any tumour pre-stages at an early point.

Tumour staging is carried out on the basis of the histological findings, the tumour markers and the CT scan. Depending on the tumour stage, an individual treatment or a combination of the treatments listed below is performed:

  • Active monitoring incl. check-ups without additional treatment
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy of retroperitoneal lymph nodes
  • Dissection of retroperitoneal lymph nodes (can be performed in many cases via laparoscopic surgery (“keyhole surgery”))

Testicular tumours, especially at advanced stages, should be treated at a specialised centre. Experience has shown that this increases the patients’ chances of recovery.

Second opinion on testicular tumours

For external requests and second opinions, our department is a member of the Second Opinion Project of the German Testicular Cancer Study Group.

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